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Why Digidevs?

Looking to enhance your online presence with a professionally designed website? Look no further than DigiDevs! With over 15 years of experience in website design and development, as well as mobile and software development, we have the expertise to create custom, affordable websites using Joomla and Wordpress.

Whether you're a large corporation or a sole operator, our team is dedicated to helping you stand out from the competition and drive more business to your door. Contact us today to get started and experience our quality software development services firsthand.

* Scope creep and extra work will exceed the quoted price.

DigiDevs Website Design and Development

Transform your online presence with custom website design and development. Serving North Brisbane and beyond, we specialise in creating affordable, professional websites using Joomla and Wordpress. Let us help you stand out from the competition and drive more business to your door. Contact us today to get started.

About DigiDevs

The DigiDevs team have been involved with website design and development since 2004 and mobile app development and software development since 2011. We have worked with all sizes of business from large corporations to sole operators.

We bring our expertise from years of website, mobile app and software development experience, along with the knowledge gained from working with many well known marketing companies to deliver quality software development services.

  • Website Design
  • Hosting Services
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Content Writing

  • WooCommerce E-Commerce

  • Joomla and Wordpress Specialist

  • Content Generation (New!)
  • Custom Artwork (New!)
Why DigiDevs?

Let's start a website development project!

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We will go through your brief in detail and get back to you with an estimate within 2 business days. Thankyou for choosing DigiDevs!

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  • 1 x onsite meeting Brisbane Metro 1 hour
  • 1 x post launch training session 1 hour
  • 1 x round of changes submitted to DigiDevs in a single document

Website Hosting, SSL Certificates, Domain Names, Domain Transfers, SEO, Graphic Design Work, Content Creation, Social Network Page Management & Creation, Video & Image Creation or Manipulation, Ongoing Maintenance, Additional Changes or Updates, Security Updates & Patches, On-site Meetings, Advice & Strategy, Coaching, Teaching How To Code, Storing Passwords.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost to design a website for a small business?

The cost of designing a website for a small business can vary greatly depending on the complexity and functionality of the site. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars for a small business website.

What should be included in a small business website?

A small business website should include the following elements:

  • Homepage: This should be the main landing page for your website and should include a brief overview of your business and the products or services you offer.

  • About us: This page should provide more information about your business, including its history, mission, and team members.

  • Products or services: This page should list and describe the products or services you offer in detail.

  • Contact information: This page should include your business's physical address, phone number, and email address, as well as a contact form for visitors to get in touch with you.

  • Blog: A blog can be a great way to engage with your audience and share helpful information about your industry.

How long does it take to design a website for a small business?

The time it takes to design a website for a small business can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the site and the workload of the design team. On average, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to design a small business website.

How do I choose a website design company?

There are a few key factors to consider when choosing a website design company:

  • Portfolio: Look at the company's past work to get an idea of the quality and style of their designs.

  • Expertise: Make sure the company has experience designing websites for businesses in your industry.

  • Customer service: Look for a company that is responsive and easy to work with.

  • Price: Consider the cost of the company's services, but keep in mind that the cheapest option may not always be the best.

Do you have any specific questions about website design for your small business?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) that allows users to easily create and manage websites. It is open-source software, which means that it is free to use and customize.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is another popular CMS that allows users to create and manage websites. Like WordPress, it is open-source and free to use. However, Joomla is often considered to be more powerful and feature-rich than WordPress.

Which is better: WordPress or Joomla?

Both WordPress and Joomla are powerful CMS platforms with a lot to offer, but Joomla may be the better option for some users. Here are some things to consider when deciding between the two:

  • Ease of use: Both WordPress and Joomla are user-friendly, but Joomla may be slightly more intuitive for some users.

  • Customization: Both WordPress and Joomla offer a wide range of customization options, but Joomla may offer more advanced customization options for experienced users.

  • Plugins and extensions: Joomla has a large selection of extensions available, which can make it more flexible and feature-rich.

  • Support: Both WordPress and Joomla have large communities of users, so you should be able to find support and resources for either platform. However, Joomla's community may be more active and helpful.

Ultimately, the choice between WordPress and Joomla will depend on your specific needs and goals for your website. It might be helpful to try out both platforms and see which one you prefer.

Why should I update my small business website?

There are many good reasons to update your small business website regularly:

  1. Improved functionality: As technology advances, new features and functionality become available that can make your website more user-friendly and efficient. Updating your site can help ensure that it is utilizing the latest technologies and can provide a better experience for your visitors.

  2. Better search engine rankings: Search engines like Google use algorithms to determine the relevance and quality of websites. By regularly updating your site with fresh and relevant content, you can improve your search engine rankings and make it easier for potential customers to find you.

  3. Enhanced security: Hackers and cybercriminals are always finding new ways to target websites, so it's important to keep your site's security measures up to date. Regular updates can help protect your site from vulnerabilities and prevent data breaches.

  4. Increased credibility: An outdated website can give the impression that your business is not active or is not keeping up with the times. By regularly updating your site, you can show that you are a modern, active, and credible business.

  5. Improved user experience: By regularly updating and improving your website, you can make it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for and provide them with a better overall experience. This can lead to increased engagement and conversions.

In short, regularly updating your small business website can help ensure that it is functioning well, is secure, and provides a positive experience for your visitors. This can ultimately lead to increased business and success.

Frequently Asked Questions