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Based in Brisbane, Australia

App Development

Native and Multi Platform

DigiDevs develop mobile apps, software and web applications custom tailored to your businesses individual requirements using technologies appropriate to your choice of performance or budget.

Each technology has its strengths and weaknesses, on mobile, native code performs much better than multiplatform code but the trade off is maintainability, it costs more to maintain and change over time. We work with you to determine which path is best for your business and the future of the mobile app or software before starting development.

Web applications also have options for different technologies to be used, this can also affect overall cost in maintenance over time. For example shared hosting servers generally won't allow for installation of some of the latest and most popular technologies which means a virtual private server must be used which again is an extra cost.

Connecting the mobile app to a web app requires foresight and proper planning to ensure success, compatibility of technologies is crucial.

We need to predict the maximum number of concurrent users and server load to have the correct supporting hardware in place, in order to prevent issues for the end user

As you can gather, app development is a complex process and DigiDevs has the experience to deliver your project using the correct code and infrastructure at the right balance of performance and cost which is determined by you.

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App Development Process

Document, Collaborate, Design, Develop, Launch, Maintain.

Dream It

1 Develop your app idea

Collect your ideas and create a simple business plan

1 to 3 Months +

Plan It

2 Create Your Plan

Creating software is a project! Spend time on how the app will work, how the user will interact with it to convey to our app development team on how it needs to work.

3 Refine The Details

Revisit your initial plan to check to see if it makes sense. Iterate as necessary. Run your idea past trusted others for constructive feedback.

1 to 3 Months +

Contact DigiDevs

4 Initial Consultation

Meet with DigiDevs to explain your idea, and present what you have documented to start off the planning process to obtain an estimate on cost.

5 SRS Development

Just like building a house, no app development takes place without an agreed upon and signed off blueprint, outlining both parties expectations and deliverables. A SRS is a Software Requirements Specifications document, which contains detailed requirements for the project will be used for the blueprint.

1 to 3 Months +


6 Wireframes

DigiDevs provide wireframes and show how each page connects to each other demonstrating functional connections. At this stage there will be no colours or imagery used in the mocked up designs.

7 UI/UX Design

We pass the wireframes to our User Interface / User eXperience designers to create the look and feel for the app, then pass the finalised designs to the development team for coding.

1 Month


8 Functional Development

Depending on your project, many different things will happen at this stage. Typically database design and development, app coding, web coding and then the coding to connect the web with the app code will all take place during this phase.

9 Agile Iterations

As time passes with each project and our customers test what has been developed, new ideas arise and often the customer would like to change the direction of the project. Our agile methodology allows for DigiDevs to implement new ideas as development progresses if required to deliver a polished application with all requested features.

2 to 12 Months +


10 User Acceptance Testing

The development is completed and once again we ask the client to review the finished product and sign off prior to submission to the app store(s).

11 Publishing App

The completed app is published to the app store(s) and consumers will be able to download.

2 Weeks +

Post Launch

12 Maintenance

Each year new operating systems are released, screen sizes change, new features in devices are added, we must keep the app up to date in order to remain on the app store(s)


Based on the above timeline you would expect the total app development period including the idea documentation to span 6.5 Months to 2 years

App Development Services

Mobile app development can be a very complex journey, fortunately DigiDevs has plenty of experience in all aspects of what is required to launch a successful product.

Popular Services

  • Scope Development
  • Wireframing & Mockups
  • App Store Descriptions
  • Logos, Branding and Icons
  • Website for App Marketing
  • Upgrades & Rewrites
  • App Maintenance

Additional Services

  • App Store Optimisation
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Pages Setup
  • Server Hosting
  • Domain Names
  • Website Design
  • Website Development